Content Spotlight: Kastle Systems provides content to help you keep your facilities safe, secure and return-to-work ready

Kastle Systems offers insights and thought leadership on leveraging technology and best practices for returning to work, how to ensure occupant safety, how to create personalized experiences for tenants, and more in this featured content collection running until June 4, 2022.

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Staying Safe in the New Normal
As your facility grapples with what the next normal may look like, you may be working in an unresolved state with ad-hoc hybrid working situations. That’s all the more reason to communicate early and often, so employees understand both temporary and permanent changes such as updated rules or how to operate new technology. We’ve created this handy reference guide to help you prepare for those conversations, address any questions that arise and show how technology can help.

Leveraging Technology for a Safer Return to Work
Organizations are now tasked with providing a safe space for their workers to come back to. As daunting as that challenge can be, technology is proving a viable partner for enterprises in search of trusted solutions. Kastle is in a privileged position to understand this challenge exceedingly well and has created a blueprint for the safe return to the office.

Is Your Office Ready to Return to Work? Take Our Quiz to Find Out.
This quiz walks you through whether your office is ready and prepared to invite workers back to the office.

Four Questions Property Managers Should Ask About Systems Integration
The benefits of integrating a building’s systems are hard to dispute. Integrating the tools of a property manager can save time and prevent security loopholes when a resident moves out, but their credentials fail to be terminated, since doing so requires an easily-forgotten extra step.

The Key to Smart Buildings is Already in Your Pocket
Smart buildings and their tech-enabled management systems are empowering facility managers to create the personalized experiences tenants crave, including while entering and exiting a building. But the key to creating more personalized building security isn’t a new technology. It’s the smartphone in your pocket.

The Value of a US Based Command Center
Kastle’s Video Security Operations Center (VSOC) is entirely based in the U.S., providing real-time incident response and quickly dispatching law enforcement when necessary.

The Future of Access Control is Already in your Hands
Mobile access control via smartphones gives facility managers significantly more control over who is and isn’t in the building. And it gives employees peace of mind that their well-being is protected.

What is Security as a Service?
Security-as-a-Service comes with all the advantages of cloud computing. It gives facilities managers and building occupants alike access to cutting-edge capabilities that make physical security systems smarter.

5 Ways Kastle Protects Your Workforce
Smart access control can help safely transition the workforce back to on-premises operations via in app health screenings, hands-free mobile access, occupancy data and air quality and capacity monitoring.

One Integrated System for Access Management
Kastle access control technology provides an integrated view of identity presence data over time for employees and visitors.

Post-Covid Office Manager Access Control Checklist
Managers are tasked not only with managing the day-to-day operations of their facility or workplace, they’re also challenged with safeguarding and securing it. In a post-Covid workplace, maintaining a safe environment gets even more challenging. This checklist helps navigate that space.

The Best Ways to Control Office Occupancy
As more workers are returning to the office, safety and occupancy is top of mind. Learn how you can manage occupancy levels.

Your Questions About Reopening Your Office, Answered
How can business owners and property managers bring workers back into the nation’s office buildings in the safest way possible? This guide will help walk you through what you need to know.

A Day in the Hybrid Office
Learn how access control solutions can help navigate the new normal of hybrid work.


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