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One Good Turn Deserves Another: Find Shut-offs Fast
Knowing the locations of your facility’s gas, water main, water isolation valves and med gas valve shut-offs is more difficult than it sounds. Renovations, the number of years you’ve been on the job and the vastness of some campuses all contribute to the difficulty of finding these devices – coupled with the unavailability of location documentation. In facility emergencies, often times, the first thing that needs to be addressed are shut-offs. Knowing their locations and how to operate these devices is critically important.

Hands on Information for Facilities Teams-Keys to Emergency Preparedness
"Maintaining safe school buildings is a tough job, made even more challenging with emergencies like the pandemic, active shooters, floods, and fires. The Chief of School Operations at the Middletown School District has discovered an easy way to keep on top of and share school building and emergency plans, shut-offs, and equipment information – with an easy-to-use app. He shares his tips for proactive emergency preparedness in this blog post. "

Accelerate your Facility's Emergency Game Plan
Watch this on-demand webinar to hear a lively discussion with Head of School Operations for Middletown School District in Connecticut. We talked through the importance of quick access to facility information to help first responders get to know your building’s floor plans, exits, windows and evacuation routes – life saving details for the safety and protection of students and staff.

Transform How Facilities Information is Accessed in the Built Space
"Building renovations and retrofits generate documentation, which grows over the years. When on-the-go facility teams need this information at their fingertips, they’re slowed by paper or electronic file searches – until now. With the introduction of a new software category, technology is changing the way facility teams interact with information. Now, facilities have the power to Transform How Facilities Information is Accessed in the Built Space."

5 Facility Management Tech Tips, Get Ready for the Next Decade
Technology is changing the facility management industry. Here are predictions so you’ll be better prepared to embrace change.

Building Information in the Built Space, Filling a Missing Category
Fast access to building information is a critical component of facilities management that has never been addressed. This document addresses this issue.

Facilities Technology Trends and Buying Best Practices
Recent research of facilities decision-makers revealed that nearly all agree technology will be essential in the next five years. But many are challenged by roadblocks to securing approvals. This research report shares insights and industry trends about the value facilities leaders place on technology, and their belief about how it will influence team performance and effectiveness.

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USGBC and EPA Energy Star classification for Museum benchmarking
MCIC is working with the USGBC and EPA Energy Star to create a new classification for Museums in the benchmarking of these special-use facilities.

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