August 2021 Content Feature: Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

This month, we want to share a variety of white papers, articles, presentations, etc. on this month's topic of emergency preparedness and business continuity. These 10 pieces will cover topics like active shooter threats, disaster plans, office space security, and more.

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Protect People, Not Pests: Hurricane Recovery Tools to Keep People Safe
Hurricanes and other natural disasters can cause extreme structural damage as well as create safety hazards and situations that are conducive to pest infestations. Businesses can use these recovery tips and check-list to protect their people, manage clean up more efficiently and prevent potential pest control issues.

The Future of Office Space Security
Technology is transforming how we socialize, work and play. Office space security is riding that wave for a smarter, safer, more connected workplace. See how current technologies are driving the future of office space security, including hands-free access, using cameras as virtual eyes and brains for video analytics and surveillance, and creating seamless visitor management experiences.

Workplace Violence Active Shooter Threat
An instructional presentation addressing workplace violence issues, including statistics, at-risk behaviors and predictors, and the effects on companies and employees, plus recommendations for active shooter response considerations and procedures.

Balancing Physical Security and Productivity
This presentation offers actionable items that can be employed to aid in reducing the overall cost of ownership, while also increasing the amount and quality of security. Providing a safe secure workplace, learning, or rehabilitation environment is the goal.

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Are You Disaster-ready?
This article takes a point-by-point approach to discuss the concrete steps for risk management plan creation, preparing FMs in the event of emergencies that involve damage to their facilities.

Is Your Disaster Plan in Place?
Implement emergency preparedness through business continuity management and disaster recovery planning, including risk evaluation and control, business impact analysis (BIA), and follow-up business continuity strategies.

Town Hall: Facility Management Challenges During COVID-19
Town Hall panel presentation on the challenges Facility Managers face in a pandemic. General discussion covering multiple topics.

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Emergency Management: Practical Tools and Resources that Every FM Needs
This webinar will help answer these questions and will be packed full of practical tools and training resources that all Facility Managers need to know and understand. Joined by an expert from FEMA’s National Preparedness Directorate, we will explain the preparedness cycle and the six step planning process for creating high-quality emergency operations plans.

Emergency Response Management: A Plan for Failure...
In this session, we will provide five simple steps for developing an Emergency Response Management (ERM) Program and preparing the FM department and the organization for all that goes bump in the night.

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The 17 Mistakes Made in Emergency Plans and How to Avoid and Correct Them
Review why emergency plans are integral to strategic emergency preparedness and business continuity, while identifying seventeen common errors and oversights of emergency planning.

Changing the Paradigm of Emergency Preparedness in FM: The Real Factors Driving Successful Incident Response
Facilities Management Operations are a critical and integral part of Emergency Preparedness and response for corporations with infrastructure responsibilities. The traditional paradigm of creating planning guides and checklists are valuable and required tools, but the real catalyst to a successful response is a well-defined Incident Command System both internal and external to your company.


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