Content Spotlight: IBM space planning and workplace experience

Learn why space planning and optimization is important for enhancing the workplace, and how to leverage new technology like IoT and AI to execute data-driven space management. This collection of articles, videos and white papers comes from IBM, an IFMA Silver Partner.

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IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Workplace Experience
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's about winning the hearts and minds of employees by delivering the right space and the best experience in 78M sq. ft, for 350M employees.

IBM Global Real Estate Group Talk Space Planning and Occupancy
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's no longer about mops and buckets, it's about using technology and data to effectively manage your space.

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Creating a workplace that works for you: why you need a better experience
A great workplace experience can mean the difference between happy, productive employees, and a company facing high turnover. Of course, it’s important to treat employees like the valuable assets they are. But it can also mean real revenue to a company.

The space planning evolution
You need to know the who, where and when to make the most of your buildings. Because effective space planning helps you reduce costs and focus on employee wellbeing.

When a building isn’t just a building: Why space matters
Space matters. The “who, when and how” – and how much it costs – are at the heart of an organization’s real estate strategy. Yet the cost of real estate continues to rise.

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The True Value of an IWMS
To reap the full advantages of this new age of data, a business or organization needs a technology solution to address and augment all aspects of real estate performance.

Six steps for effective Capital Planning
The most effective capital planning starts with a comprehensive understanding of your current infrastructure. And that understanding starts with a thorough facility condition assessment (FCA) – one that evaluates spaces, building systems and assets across the entire enterprise.

Why the workplace matters
Learn what incoming generations of employees expect from your workplace. Spaces designed to make employees happier have far-reaching benefits. See how IoT-based facilities management with AI and the right mix of services and spaces can increase workplace productivity.

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IBM Global Real Estate Group Talks TRIRIGA, data and how to win hearts and minds
For today's RE and FM professionals, it's no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets. It's about using technology, understanding the data and winning the hearts and minds of employees.

Make the most of every square inch, meter and bit of your space with data, IoT and AI
Space matter. It’s at the heart of your real estate strategy and helps you deliver the right workplace experience. In this 20-minute webinar, you'll discover how to uncover occupancy trends that matter and make the most of your space.


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