Announcement for Council and Community Facility Professionals

IFMA and the Knowledge Library team have been working to bring you an incredible opportunity to showcase your hard work and dedication as a facility management professional within your industry. As a council or community leader, you have likely encountered a problem that you've found an effective solution for.

And, someone else could be facing that very same problem right now. That’s where YOU come in! We need your help in creating a valuable resource for facility management professionals that will help them solve real-world challenges.

What Do We Need:

The 2019 Council & Community Insights Report is the first of its kind. The report will be a collection of case studies written by IFMA’s councils and communities. Each submission will carefully describe a common or major problem faced by FMs, specific to your industry or area of expertise. In this submission you will provide a detailed recount of your proven solution and the benefits and results you achieved.

The Prompt

What facility management challenge have you solved in your industry or area? What were the benefits of implementing the solution and the positive results achieved?

Format (up to 1,500 words)

  1. Introduction (up to 100 words) – provide a brief context of the challenge and the solution. Any necessary background or relevant details that help paint the picture of the challenge faced and the solution implemented.
  2. Challenge (up to 500 words) – describe the challenge in detail. Explain why it is a challenge FMs face, what are some of the potential consequences if this challenge went unchecked and why it is important to resolve this challenge.
  3. Solution (up to 500 words) – provide a detailed walkthrough of your solution. Document the solution from the planning phase through completion of the implementation. Note any elements that are specific to your implementation and that could not or would not necessarily be encountered by most other FMs.
  4. Benefits (up to 300 words) – list the benefits of implementing your solution. What positive outcomes were achieved? Why is this solution effective and what benefits would other FMs get if they implemented something similar?
  5. Results (up to 100 words) – document quantitative and qualitative results and metrics that resulted from addressing this challenge. List any important facts, details, statistics or perceptions from others regarding the solution.

Submission Guidelines

  • All Submissions will be submitted through Submittable (
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  • All submissions must be in Word format. PDFs will not be considered.
  • All submissions are subject to editing for accuracy, clarity, quality and length.
  • Include any relevant charts, graphs, graphics or logos with your submission.
  • Provide relevant sources and citations. Provide attribution for direct quotes and other assets (graphics or otherwise).
  • Provide an author bio which should not to exceed 50 words and should include: name, job title and company.

Questions? Email us:

We cannot wait to see what you submit. We are thrilled to give you this opportunity to not only showcase your efforts but share your knowledge with others.

The deadline is: November 15, 2018

Happy Writing!


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