4 COVID-19 Resources Every Facility Manager Should Know About

As we all look at strategies and tactics to return to the workplace, or create hybrid working solutions for our facilities, it's important to have tools and resources that can help you and your employees, staff and tenants transition back into the workplace. This feature highlights some of our most popular COVID-19 content, resources and templates to help you and your facilities resume business and adapt to the "new normal". 

IFMA Strategic Framework - COVID-19

The intent of this framework is to offer guidance to facility managers as they align their re-entry strategy to address, organizational needs, drivers, and risk management; restarting critical processes in order to safely return occupants to the facilities; and determining program requirements for FM services that will be necessary for the “new normal” as business operations adjust to working under ongoing pandemic conditions.

Project Plan Template for Re-entry to Facilities after COVID-19

This Excel download is a template developed as a supplement to IFMA's Strategic Re-Entry Framework. It is intended to get you started as you plan for re-entering your facilities in response to quarantine and ""stay-at-home"" mandates being lifted. There is no ""one size fits all"" in facility management. As a result, this is not a comprehensive plan and is only intended to provide you with high-level, common functions as a reference to assist with your planning process.

Pandemic Manual - SAMPLE

This manual provides you with the knowledge, tips, templates and expert advice to help Facility Management professionals effectively plan and respond to a global health crisis.

Town Hall: Facility Management Challenges During COVID-19

Town Hall panel presentation on the challenges Facility Managers face in a pandemic. General discussion covering multiple topics.